Short-term Missions

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Teams Minister to Trinidad

Ridgewalk hosts foreign mission teams through sponsoring missions organizations as well as directly from churches, schools and universities. The typical mission team that comes to Trinidad is between 15-50 people. Generally teams spend half their time assisting with construction or maintenance projects on the camp grounds (i.e. painting, cleaning, building) and the other half of the time is spent ministering evangelically with ECWI churches. Past teams have sung and performed drama at local ECWI churches. They have also ministered evangelistically through crusades, street witnessing, mall witnessing and Bible clubs (VBS), sport activities, concerts or by participating in aspects of camp.

Trinidad Ministers to Teams

Short-term missions help to shape the lives and worldview of individuals. Trips like those to Trinidad give students and leaders an appreciation for missions works and encourage individuals to consider full-time missions work or faithful missions support. Not only do teams have the opportunity to minister but the culture and people of Trinidad & Tobago minister to the foreign teams by broadening their worldview and opening their eyes to the world outside of their "bubble".

The "Day-off"

Teams also enjoy the culture and sites of the Island. Occasionally throughout the week, traditional Trinidadian meals are prepared including, pelau, roti and bake & shark. On the "day-off" teams see the sites of the Island including, Port of Spain, San Fernando Hill and one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean - Maracas. Teams might instead opt to take the day off and go to Tobago for swimming, snorkeling and visiting the Nylon pool.

Costs and Considerations

Setting up a missions trip to Ridgewalk is relatively easy. First it should be noted that the national language is English, so language is not a barrier to ministry for teams from America and Canada. Airfares vary in price but are generally $500 U.S. to $800 U.S. per person, depending on the time of year and embarkation point. While passports are required to enter the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, visas are not, and past groups have passed through customs without much difficulty.

In addition to the cost of airfare, teams should factor in the cost of new passports for team members that do not already have a valid passport. Other than souvenir spending money, the only in-country costs are the all-inclusive per person daily fees charged by the camp. These cover all room, board and in-counrty transportation costs. The fees are currently $35 U.S. per person, per day for groups of 15 or less and $30 U.S. per day for teams of 16 or more. For more information or to discuss the possibility of having your group come to Ridgewalk for a short-term missions trip, contact the camp director.

Ridgewalk Camp and Conference Center is partly the product of diligent foreign missions work by servants of Christ who helped to fund and construct the first camp facilities. Ridgewalk greatly values the efforts and encouragement that foreign short-term missions teams bring to the camp and its staff. Ridgewalk has hosted countless foreign mission teams from across North America since the founding of the camp.